Indian History GK Questions

1. Which one among the following prompted Rabindranath Tagore to surrender his title of ‘Sir’?
(A) The passing of the Rowlatt Act
(B) The passing of the Act of 1919
(C) To support Mahatma Gandhi’s Satyagraha Movement
(D) To protest against the massacre at Jallianwalabagh and the imposition of martial law in Punjab
Ans. D
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2. Royal Asiatic Society was founded by _____________
(A) Sir William Jones
(B) Sir John Marshall
(C) RD Banerjee
(D) Sir William Bentinck
Ans. A
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3. Which one of the following was not cultivated in the Harappan Civilization?
(A) Mustard
(B) Barley
(C) Surgarcane
(D) Sesamum
Ans. C
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4. Which one among the following was a reason for which the French could not succeed in India in the 18th century?
(A) They sided with the weak Indian sides such as Chanda Sahib and Muzafar Jang
(B) Dupleix was called back at a crucial time
(C) They conspired against the Indian powers
(D) Their trading company was heavily dependent on the French Government
Ans. D
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5. The treaty of Mangalore was signed between ______________
(A) the English East India Company and Haidar Ali
(B) the English East India Company and Tipu Sultan
(C) Haidar Ali and the Zamorin of Calicut
(D) the French East India Company and Tipu Sultan
Ans. B
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6. Which of the following was not one of the foreign travelers to visit India during the period of Krshnadeva Raya?
(A) Nicolo Conti
(B) Fernao Nuniz
(C) Domingo Paes
(D) Duarte Barbosa
Ans. A
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7. The first dynasty of the Vijayanagar Kingdom was ______________
(A) Hoysala
(B) Sangama
(C) Saluva
(D) Tuluva
Ans. A
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8. Who started the Sarvodaya Movement?
(A) Vinoba Bhave
(B) Mahatma Gandhi
(C) SA Dange
(D) Jayaprakash Narayan
Ans. D
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9. Which one of the following sites is the largest Mesolithic site in India?
(A) Bagor
(B) Tilwara
(C) Valasana
(D) Akhaj
Ans. A
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10. Who among the following pioneered Khilafat Movement?
(A) Sir Syed Ahmed Khan
(B) M A Jinnah
(C) Mahatma Ghandhi
(D) Ali Brothers
Ans. D
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11. Who of the following revolutionaries set up the United India House in the USA?
(A) Ramnath Puri and Vir Savarkar
(B) Taraknath Das and GD Kumar
(C) Lala Hardayal and Bhagat Singh
(D) Harman Singh and Bhagwan Singh
Ans. B
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12. Who among the following Mughal Emperors had the longest reign?
(A) Bahadur Shah
(B) Jahandar Shah
(C) Farrukhsiyar
(D) Muhammad Shah
Ans. D
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13. Which one of the following persons was not one of the nine jewels of Chandragupta II’s court?
(A) (A) Virasena Shaba
(B) Acharya Dignaga
(C) Varahamihira
(D) Charaka
Ans. D
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14. The leader of Ghadar Party in Bengal and Orissa was ______________
(A) Jatindranath Mukherjee
(B) Jatindranath Das
(C) Barindra Ghosh
(D) MN Roy
Ans. A
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15. Who was the Founder of the Asiatic Society?
(A) William Carey
(B) William Jones
(C) David Hare
(D) Marshman
Ans. B
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16. Who among the following established Ferguson college at Pune in the year 1885?
(A) Decan Education Society
(B) Bhartiya Sewak Samaj
(C) Samaj Sewa Sangh
(D) Theosophical Society
Ans. A
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17. Who constructed the Royal Highway from Patliputra to Taxila, the most widely used highway?
(A) Mauryas
(B) Kushanas
(C) Sakas
(D) Guptas
Ans. A
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18. The famous Indo-Greek king who embraced Buddhism was _________________
(A) Strato I
(B) Menander
(C) Demetrius
(D) Alexander
Ans. B
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19. At which of the following sites the first evidence of the cultivation of cotton has been found?
(A) Mohenjodaro
(B) Kili-gul-Muhammad
(C) Mehgarh
(D) Nal
Ans. D
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20. Whose philosophy is called the Advaita?
(A) Ramanujacharya
(B) Shankaracharya
(C) Nagarjuna
(D) Vasumitra
Ans. B
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